Meet KAte:

Meet KAte:

Extraordinary Mentors

Take us on a journey! How and where did your career start? And how did you get to where you are today?      

  •    I don't really have a magical childhood story of cutting and styling my doll's hair, or practicing hair on all the girls for prom.  I was a tomboy. I still sort of am. I'm not a girly girl....I'm quite minimal and low maintenance. I grew up in the country and loved making artwork.  I really wanted to be an artist. I did actually go to art school and graduated. Then I got my dream job at an office in a bank! Blah. I lasted there for 6 long months....and then toured the local Aveda School because my friend had mentioned something about it.  I dreamt of doing hair by day, and making art by night.....having a creative job to support my artistic dreams. From the start, I felt very connected to the collaborative aspect of taking care of someone's appearance, but it is a terrifying concept. From then, I participated in a lot of education, became and educator myself, grew my behind the chair clientele, and tried a little bit of everything.....etc etc etc.  I grew within a salon, and then busted out and grew independently. Now I own a salon with an amazing team of 12!

    When you think back to yourself before your most resent business venture, what was your biggest fear and why?    

  •  A few years ago I sank into a pretty dark depression. Climbing out of that and creating a new frame of mind for myself was a challenge.  I think ever since then, one of my biggest fears is always sinking back into that darkness. It is still something that I think about when making new decisions.....well, either one step closer to the darkness again, or the exact opposite!  

Do you believe there is such a thing as failure?  If so, how do you view it?

  • The idea of failure is such an interesting thing...because it's exactly like success. Everyone's interpretation is completely different.  I think the system in which we measure ourselves is flawed. It's not simply pass or fail. It's not simply success or failure. It's more like, are we closer to or further away from a goal?  

    What do you think Is lacking with young professional entrepreneurs today?     

  •  I don't think they lack anything.  I think they have gained all that we have given to them.  They have been raised in a different time, and we have to respect that they bring new perspectives, simplicity, and drive to the table.  They strive for balance and personal understanding, and they strive to make changes. Imagine how frustrating it must be to have an idea for a solution, but not have a leader who will trust you?  It's like a parent not believing their 6 year old "because they're too young to know." Says who? With that said, there is a wonderful quality that comes to a beauty professional after years of practice, trial and error, and education.  It's confidence.

What do you feel like is the key to success?   

  •  It's a paradox.  The idea of success is such a fleeting thing.  It's like happiness. We all seek it, and want to have it and hold it and wash our hair with it.  I think it's the journey towards the idea of success that is where the magic lives. Enjoy the scenery, ups and downs, pitfalls, hilarious stories, angry moments and A-ha moments, and travel companions of trying to get to the top of the mountain.

    What is your spirit animal?

  •  A Dragon named Duncan

If you could do anything in the world and go anywhere in the world, what and where would it be?

  • The next destination on my list is Giraffe Manor in Africa.  Maybe you've seen pictures of it? It's a quaint little hotel/cottage on a giraffe preserve, and multiple times a day the giraffes poke their heads through the windows.  I've been geeking out about it since I learned about it. I don't think I'd ever leave the building to go on safari in Africa....I'd just wait around for the giraffes to peek in.  

    Food for thought: Anything you feel that is important to share.  Quote? Words of advice? Deep thought?

  • I think it's OK to start simply.  Make one small change but be aware of that change, and observe it and think about it and become an expert of that small change.  And then make another small change. We oftentimes get overwhelmed and don't do anything because we tell ourselves we have to do a complete 180 and change every single thing about our lives.  Simply start with one small thing. Maybe you start waking up at 7AM everyday. Maybe you start listening to music instead of the news. Maybe you save all your 5 dollar bills. At some point you will find that you did a complete 180, but you enjoyed the journey more.

What is a good book you recommend to the viewers and why?    

  •  My favorite book that i just finished recently is called Becoming Supernatural: How Common People are Doing the Uncommon, by Dr. Joe Dispenza.  I really got into this book because it explains the difference scientific measurements of consciousness, and explains how you can essentially change your "vibes."  Sometimes I like to get mystical, and sometimes I am floored by the science behind our brains and bodies. This book connects science with the mystical.