Seeing your goals:

When you find clarity and understand goals:

For the longest time I kept BELIEVING I had no clarity within my career, personal life, etc.  I couldn’t see what I wanted to accomplish, let alone how to even get there. It was like walking through a fog every single day.  I felt lost, confused, and helpless. (Hello ego!)  Sometimes the hardest part of achieving a goal is even seeing what you want to focus your energy on!

In order to make any progress you must take risks.  What I’ve learned is once you start taking risks and allowing yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, you learn quickly what you want and don’t want.    You get a better idea of what is lining up with your true self and values vs. what isn’t jiving with you.  That is getting you a step closer to more clarity. You gain more confidence and momentum. You start to see your pathway light up a bit more than before. When you are aligned, synchronicity happen. Life seems “easier,” then you can see the opportunities at your fingertips. 

Once I gain perspective on the goal I wanted to work towards, I realized how it can still be difficult to take that step forward! Even though you see the goal line, you still have the in between to sort through.  This is the fun part. This is where you earn your fulfillment, growth, and understanding.  Every time you act on a risk, a reward is on the other side.  Sometimes it may not feel like one right away, but believe me, what you learn during this time period will set you up for life.  Sometimes this part is even more rewarding than crossing the finish line.   But know, you still must put in the work.  You are still going to feel those growing pains. This means you’re on the right track.

You then realize once you set your mind to accomplishing something, you can do it.  The only thing holding you back, is you.  Be brave, honor yourself, and take the leap!!