Our Ego:

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head? You imagine this great idea with huge success.  You see yourself achieving this goal. Thriving in the success, following your dreams, and reaping the rewards.  Then the following thought is, “You can’t achieve that.  You don’t have any extra time to accomplish that.”  Or, “That would cost money to make it happen, you don’t have any extra money.  Don’t kid yourself, you’re not good enough.”  The list goes on and on…. And on.

This my friends, is our ego.  Our opponents.  Anytime that you crave success, or realize your goals in life, it is always followed up by your doubts.  Sometimes it’s louder, sometimes it’s quieter.  Never the less, any negative thought that comes in to your mind is coming from the ego and its limiting beliefs.  The goal of the ego mind is to keep you in the same cycle in your life without any change.  Have you ever realized any patterns in your relationships or businesses? Different friends but always having similar arguments? Relationships with the same endings?  Business plans that never pan out the way you think? The ego’s job it to keep you busy looking over in the distance VS. confronting the actual issue that is right in front of you.  It’s clever and it creates distractions, so you miss what is at your fingertips. Then you never achieve what you are meant to have, your ultimate success.  You have unlimited possibilities all around you every single day.   

 Every time that voice in your head tells you that you can’t, take another step forward.  Step outside of what looks EASY.  Donate the money even when money is tight. Put that application in even if you think you aren’t qualified. Write the book even if you have no idea where to start! If the desire is there, it can happen.  The minute you decide not to listen to that little voice is when you succeed.  This is when you grow and doors open, then “synchronicities” appear out of thin air.  People show up in your lives that coincide with your goals and they are exactly the help you need to get to your destination.   Money appears in ways you never even imagined, etc. This is where the magic happens.  Take a risk and step outside of your normal routines and behaviors, success is waiting for you.