Coaching: How it cracked me open and helped me see my successes

                We are our own worst critics.  Until coaching I never realized how much I put myself down.  It was like an internal battle ever day in my mind that nobody won! I would constantly kick myself for not finishing a project.  Then I would finish a project, but it didn’t live up to my “standards.”  There was absolutely no balance.  I only looked at the negative and overlooked all my successes and accomplishments.  Our egos make it SO easy to focus on what didn’t go as planned VS. realizing we took a step in the direction of our dreams.  No wonder out society is the way it is.  We constantly compare ourselves to others on social media and in life, and in turn receive comments that compare us to others on social media and in life.  We CAN’T WIN.

                When I started with my coach, the first thing we worked on was helping me see my worth and looking at where my ego shows up in my day to day life.  Little did I know, I had been living my life in fear, leading from my ego!  Fear of rejection and of judgment.  I am forever grateful for his viewpoints and knowledge that helped me have this realization. I had kept myself in this never-ending hamster wheel of “What ifs,” and I never took any action steps.  Can we say yawn?

                I was hooked after learning that consciousness.  The smallest changes, every day, has completely changed my viewpoint of life.  Consistency is key.  Next thing I knew I was investing in myself and career VS. objects I didn’t need.  See, I would buy things to try to make myself feel better.  But then a day later, buy more things to make myself feel even more better.  I was filling an empty hole, and wasting energy and money doing so! So, one day I sat down and got real about my goals, my money beliefs, my actions.  And I took risks.  I just took a step.  Every day.  Most of the time I never knew where I was going to land, but I took the step anyways.

What we don’t realize is that the smallest changes can make the biggest impact.  Keep moving forward, then look back after 6 months, even a year, and you don’t even recognize who you were.  When you reach goals, no matter how big or small, you still pat yourself on the back and then put another foot forward.  These victories are what fill us up and puts more fuel in our tanks for the next step.