Money Beliefs

   Money beliefs: Giving in order to receive, money flow

  Money is energy. It’s as simple as that. Money responds to what energy you give to it.  This was a HUGE shift for me.  Think back to growing up. Can you remember the first few thoughts you had about money?  Was it an experience that made you think there wasn’t enough? Or too much? One of my favorite lessons my coach taught me was to go to others that I look up to and see how they treat and feel about money. Can we say WOW. Some fellow peers really shocked me. And it hit me, the difference between our physical existence. Think about it, we learn from our parents, siblings, peers, our surroundings. The people closest to us. Our thoughts and beliefs are formed through our realities and influences.

I am not talking bad about your upbringing or saying that someone was right or wrong.  It’s our assumptions that lead us to feel a certain way towards money.  I ALWAYS believed I never had enough. I took money in but spent it mindlessly.  Every time I spent money, I felt this huge sense of guilt. I told myself that I would never make any more and that I shouldn’t be spending it because I was poor. I completely blocked the flow of money and all its goodness that it brings.  I was my own worst enemy and I couldn’t even see it. My comfort zone was staying in the mindset that I wasn’t good enough to make money. I didn’t deserve it and I told myself that it’s never there when I need it. I thrived off the thought that I would have to work my butt off to make it. I fed that damn ego of mine. It was for me to prove my worthiness to myself and everyone else. This was the cycle, on repeat in my head…for years. 

It wasn’t until recently that I realized I kept myself in this small box of limited possibilities. Money is everywhere. Let me repeat, money surrounds all of us all the time. It’s waiting for you to see it, grab it, love it, give it. I was blocking all the ways I could receive it and more importantly giving it.   Imagine money as a dear friend. How you treat money, would you treat a close friend the same way?  Treating a friend in a way that makes them feel like they aren’t enough, being in fear of it, etc. Do you think your friend would hang around? How and where you focus your energy, it grows.  So, what happens when you focus your energy on thinking you will never have enough? You attract “not enough.”