Abundance: Clarity

The other day I caught myself comparing on social media.  That damn green-eyed monster… the ego… creeping up and making me compare myself to this stranger.  I wish I had her nice clothes, her pretty hair and shoes.  I thought to myself; Why can’t I have more money?

 Why is it SO DAMN easy to compare ourselves and look at others but not within ourselves? I wasted time, again, focusing on what the ego mind wants, and not what my soul needs. I felt defeated, depleted, and inadequate.  What if for every negative thought we create, we follow it up with a positive one, until there are no negative thoughts left. Or even follow up with a positive action?

Just because you don’t have the monetary value in your bank account doesn’t mean you are inadequate, poor, or in lack.  You have abundance in things all around you.  What if you have a strong support system, or a loving full family, food on the table. What if you are able to sneak outside at some point in the day to appreciate the sun on your skin, or the clouds in the sky. Look beyond what the ego shows you.  Pause and look deeper.  Flowers blooming, someone bringing you your favorite tea, your friend calling you with good news. Whenever I feel the judgment creeping in I try to do the opposite. I donate my time or money. I pay for someone’s coffee without them knowing. I try to give in some form or another.

  When you switch your thoughts to those of being in alignment, abundance, love, you see clearer.  You attract the people who lift you up, who add to your life.  This in turn will attract more abundance into your life.  What you put out into the world comes back to you three- fold.  Try this; for the next 48 hours try to not judge, or think negatively. And if you do, give to someone. Even if it’s a compliment. You never know the impact you have on someone else! Try to make a list of all of the abundance in your life. And really look at the list, you might surprise yourself.