Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs:


The belief system we create to hold us back from our deepest desires.  It all starts with who and what we surround ourselves with.  When something happens in our lives we have to opportunity to react to the situation.  Every situation that comes across us is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Even when it seems dark, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  By holding ourselves in the darkness we are limiting ourselves.  We are holding ourselves in a state of fear and lack, and we stay depleted.  How would we see the silver lining if we are stuck in the mindset of “Why me?”

By realigning ourselves with appreciation and gratitude we have a deeper understanding of our lives.  We truly have opportunities around us that can help us achieve what we want.  Who are we to say that we don’t have enough money, or enough knowledge, or support.  Do you see where your alignment is?

The difference between I can’t and what is the first step, is you.  You must consciously choose the step forward VS. living in fear.  Where does fear get us? It holds us in a state of small thinking.  You can’t achieve greatness from the same place you hold resentment. 

What I try to do when I feel the lower vibration is the opposite.  When I limit myself by believing I don’t have enough money, I give some.  When I limit myself by thinking I don’t have talent, I create something.  When I limit myself by thinking I cannot write, I write a page about something that feels important to me.  When you feel the lack, it usually means it’s trying to get through to you. 

Consciously choose to face the fear and the limiting belief head on.  Try this for a week!! See the difference in your lives.  I promise you, you will not be disappointed.