Self- worth

Self worth:


I have a yearning desire to share with everyone.  To show compassion, to lead, and to give back.   I love working with people and helping them reach their goals.  But one struggle I kept coming back to was my self-worth.  And one MAJOR roadblock was getting past myself. 

One of the BIGGEST issues people have is not believing in themselves.  Every time I had a great idea I told myself 3 scenarios on why it wouldn’t work.  I bashed myself, I put myself down, and I put myself last.  All without even knowing it.  I had so much passion, knowledge, and gifts that I was suppressing because I lived in this false reality that I created myself.  A reality that kept me thinking small.  Why would anyone listen to me? I am inexperienced. I am not the best in my field of expertise and I have my own everyday issues that I battle.  So, yea, why would someone want me to help them? This replayed in my mind for years.  BUT once I realized that these doubts were my strengths, everything changed.

Not every day is perfect.  Some days do NOT go as planned.  (Ahem, Today for example.) How would we grow? How would we expand our knowledge, businesses, our relationships? Through trial and error.  Through heartache. Being burned by someone and rising back up.  Or, our business plans not working the way we thought. The list goes on.   The important thing is to stand back up and do it again. Take another step forward because there is some type of success in everything.

The gifts that have been given to you in this lifetime, are yours and your alone.  You have it within yourself to rise, take on the challenge, grow and achieve your deepest desires.  You HAVE TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  You are unique, as are your talents.  You have something to offer someone that no one else can in this world does.   Don’t deny people your gifts, your experience, or your lessons learned.  Don’t deny people, YOU.