Free- will:

You know when you reflect on your life and you look at the big picture and you begin to feel overwhelmed?  Those subconscious thoughts kick in and you start to believe in them.  You think to yourself, “I can’t make this happen” or “I’m unworthy of this.”  You’re already limiting yourself and creating a bigger picture that overshadows your desires.  You feed the ego’s illusion of the outcome of the situation being worst case scenario.  We all do this. This is the subconscious driving the bus. Already out of the gate we take our big dreams, and we make them smaller to fit into our belief system of who we think we are.  This is the ego hard at work and it keeps you thinking you’re insignificant, or small.

We all have major life changing moments happening everyday in our lives.  As I was watching the sunrise today, I sat in the stillness. I reflected on the shifts happening all around me and realized that they simply didn’t matter.  What matters is watching the beauty that the universe provides for us every single day.  This is the present moment.  This is surrendering. 

Even with the changes we have going on, thinking of the outcomes or how they are going to unfold is living in the future.  When we live in the future, we miss out on what is right in front of us. The good stuff, the small moments that help build the bigger picture.  So instead of feeling overwhelmed with the “how” of something, allow the time to pass.  Remember, we are the ones that create our own suffering.  Worrying about the outcome of the situation isn’t going to change the outcome of the situation.  How will you spend that time? Being upset and suffering knowing it can’t change the result? Or allow the beauty of your life to fill you up with joy and love?  The same amount of time is still going to pass.

This is the important part in life, the in between, it’s full of “free-will.”  During this time, you make your choices, you pick A or B.  Neither is right or wrong, it simply brings you to the next step.  What we need to be mindful of is does this next step align with my higher self? Or is it serving the ego? Is it coinciding with your limiting beliefs that you have had on repeat your entire life? Or does it feel like a risk worth taking knowing you’re fully supported. In between cause and effect, free will steps in.  You can choose conscious thoughts or allow the subconscious to keep on driving the bus.