Self power:

Excerpt from Transforming your darkness…

Right when you think you have healed, dig even deeper.  When you think you have a hold on it and you understand it, reflect inwards more.  Life becomes so easy when you ignore it that you don’t even realize the barrier you have created.  The barrier between your body, your mind, and your spirit.  You become distant relatives instead of blood related.  You are ships passing in the night and before you know it the decisions you begin to make are not coming from your inner self.  Because by ignoring the darkness, you’ve created this alter ego as a coping mechanism that you now live from.  Hence, the ego and its bag of tricks.  Instead of pulling from a place of love and understanding to create compassion, you play victim or martyr.  You react to others by taking everything personally.  What isn’t healed, what is ignored, will manifest into something else.  The energy is within you, the stagnant energy will weigh you down.  You get so used to this heaviness, that the weight begins to feel natural.  How you begin to perceive this heaviness fuses with your everyday being. It will create a disconnect between your mind, body, and spirit.  

When you ignore the darkness, it will find its way back to you.  And this is the beauty of it.  Its return will help you see how to consciously choose to turn to love.   Not just self-love but love of life.  You understand why this darkness is here serving you in a way that elevates you.  You’re reborn into the phoenix, you begin to understand this power.  The power the lies within all of us.  It just gets lost in the shuffle if we allow it to.  The darkness is here to show us that it is light.  It’s just masked by our egos.  Our egos that are threatened by its existence because it knows the power of it.  IT knows that by looking at the darkness and not just sitting with it, you can own it.  When you look at what the darkness is, you take your power back.  It wears many masks.  Many masks of fear, uncertainty, unworthiness, shame, guilt, stupidity, mistakes, embarrassment.  Not realizing that it’s showing you your bravery, power, self-love, and intelligence.  It’s shining the spotlight on the true essence of who you are.  Of what you are made of.  The strength found in the darkness can move mountains.  It heals wounds, it elevates not only you but those around you.  When you create the change within yourself, you create the change in the world.  The darkness co-creates conscious life if you decide to look directly at it.  This darkness is another word for opportunity.  A chance to understand who you are.  You can remove the mask of fear and see your bravery and power.  Know that it’s here to help you rise to the top.  To rediscover you as a being of light. Not this outside shell that we get caught up identifying in.