The Ego and Time: Part 1

The Ego and time: Part 1

What happens when you are faced with a life altering decision? You have one of two choices.  See it through with the eyes of love, or through the eyes of fear.  Regardless of the situation, change is being thrust upon you.  Without bringing awareness to your reaction, you leave room for the ego to creep in. 

When the ego steps in, the reaction will come from a place of fear, rejection, victimization, anger, confusion, wanting to run, etc.  It wants you to believe you aren’t worthy of or not wanted.  Here’s the thing with our egos, it only lives in our past and in our future thoughts.  Our subconscious never shuts off. So in our mind’s eye all we see and replay are old thoughts.  That voice inside your head never stops talking and automatically will replay past experiences and situations.

 Remember when that one bully in the first grade told you that you weren’t smart enough? Your ego chose to believe it and anytime you are in a situation of learning, you now resort to that belief system.   Or when a romantic partner broke your heart and you turned to self -loathing VS. self -love. You chose to believe you will never be loved again.   How about when you made a financial decision that didn’t work out the way you thought? Now you’re worried you aren’t worthy of receiving and spending money responsibly.

All these circumstances are and were growth opportunities.  They do not define who you are or your worth.  They do not make you better than or less than someone sitting next you.  It’s just that subconscious thought, the ego, pulling from its old bag of tricks to trigger within you your “insecurities.”

Now, on the flip side, when we beat ourselves up because we don’t have everything figured out. As humans we naturally compare ourselves to others.  Ever notice immediately you think you aren’t good enough because you haven’t achieved what someone else has by a certain age? We tell ourselves,” Well they ran their 6-figure company by the age of 32 and I’m 40, so now I’m behind and not good enough.”  We beat ourselves up and think we are unworthy of success because we put ridiculous standards on our lives.  The ego lives and thrives in time.  If we live each day from the unconscious thoughts of our past or of our future, we will constantly live in a state of fear. 

To constantly bring consciousness back to our thoughts.  To realize, these thoughts are not mine.  And just because this happened in the past does not mean it is going to happen again.  To actively change the thoughts, that is how we begin to unravel the ego.