What is fulfillment to you?


What is fulfillment?  By definition, “The achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.”   So many of us search to find it.  But do we take enough time to understand what it means to us? We get so focused on our outer world, we forget to listen within. 

We crave all different things.  Success, healthy relationships and stability. Sometimes cars, a certain amount in our bank account, a big house.  When I get very focused on a goal, I get tunnel vision. I realized a few things as I kept chasing fulfillment.  I had a beautiful home, dream job, a nice car, but I was missing something.  I was missing the good stuff, the feelings.

I focused so much on my outer world and never paid attention to what my inner world was.  According to the law of correspondence, what your inner world is your outer world is a direct reflection.  So even though I had these things, there was an emptiness deep within me that I could not put my finger on.  Why? Because I didn’t focus on the feelings of what was inside of me.  I kept choosing not to look.  If I didn’t love myself, how could I find healthy loving relationships in others?  If I didn’t pat myself on the back and feel worthy of my career, how would I find success?  How would I find stability if I never stopped long enough to put both of my feet on the ground? 

Sometimes the answer is so simple, yet we are so blinded we lose focus. Hello ego!  An exercise I did the other evening was I wrote down what fulfillment looks like to me.  What I realized was my desires all coincide with inner work, feelings, knowledge, and sharing.  I laughed to myself, no wonder I felt so empty! Try to sit and listen, write about what you desire, and look at what your world looks like.