The love we feel:

The capacity we have for love towards others depends on the amount we see within ourselves first.  The law of polarity, the same vibration just different degrees of feelings.  For example, love and hate.  They are of the same just different ends of the spectrum. You cannot have one without having experienced the other.  The level of depth you feel with hate is also the same level of depth you feel with love.  Imagine if we shifted our feelings of hate to that of love how different our lives would look.  The self- love would start within ourselves and ripple effect into our families, communities, eventually the world.  This is how we create the change we want to see.

When we find full and complete acceptance of oneself, we don’t seek outside validation from anyone.  For most of my life I always sought validation from others to justify what I was doing in my life.  This was one of the most selfish acts I could have taken part in.  I was not living from a place of true self; I was feeding my ego and outside needs.  This not only strengthened the ego and made me believe I needed acceptance from people to suffice who I was as a person. But it was also slowly distancing myself from my SELF.  When you begin to feel the full acceptance of who you are you evolve and attract more of the same. Then and only then, you begin to see that it doesn’t matter what others say or do.  It won’t rattle the foundation you have created for yourself.  You will be so firm in who you are that you know your worth and gifts, that you will not waver.  

When we have full and complete acceptance of ourselves for everything we are, we are living from love.  It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, or two years ago.  It doesn’t matter if you made a mistake in the past, let it all go.  Who you are right now is who you are supposed to be.   With your past mistakes, quirks, strengths, weaknesses, all combined make the complete and perfectly unique YOU. True acceptance must come from inside of yourself.  Feel love just as you are at this moment. 

Self- love and unconditional love are the reasons why we are here in this lifetime.  When you begin to grasp the depth of love, it changes your perception of life around you.  Choose to feed this love and understanding within yourself and then you can help others see this way of life.