Light VS. Darkness

Life has a way of testing us.  Situations arise, and we are forced to leave the comfort of our homes, relationships, and careers.  The comfort zone that you created can be pulled out from under you like a rug, and you are left upside down trying to put the pieces back together.  Within being turned upside down, I have gained a new perspective.

First, leaving our comfort zone never looks the way we imagine it to.  We crave growth and when it is provided to us we have two choices.  We can play victim and ask the universe, “Why is this happening to me.”  Or we can take a step back, be patient, and actually look at what is happening.  Sometimes things get so turned around the only thing you can do is lean on your support system and surrender.  Let go of trying to control the outcome, silence yourself and be patient.  Instead of focusing on the changes that are happening, focus on what strengths are being brought out in you.  Nothing in this world happens by chance.  Life is a series of synchronicity that unfolds before you, as a gift, to be able to create the life you have always dreamed of. 

Second, nothing ever seems as bad as it does in your head.  Yes, we have lost loved ones. We have all faced the darkness and emptiness that life has to offer. After my mother passed away, I sat in darkness for a long time without realizing that light was there the entire time.  I had a mother, a deeply loving mother who showed me unconditional love.  She taught me strength, leadership, and how to eat pasta like a champ.  She provided me with everything I could have ever needed, and more.  I had the opportunity to spend 21 full years of my life with a beautiful human who taught me about life.  How many people are blessed with that support?  And when she left us, I had this incredible father who picked us up and put all the pieces back together.  Just like he was finishing a puzzle, and not even realizing the positive impact he had on us.  So not only did I have a loving mother, I have a passionate father who had to step into a completely different role.  And he did so like a total badass.

  We have all been at the bottom, but the thing is, we can’t stay there.  The difference between success and failure is simply, choice.  Where there is darkness there is light.  Look for the light.  My heart swells when I think about the amount of love that surrounds me.  So now, when the rug was pulled out from underneath me, I choose to see the light.  I choose to see what gifts are being given to me, and not taken from me.  I choose to see the compassion within each and everyone of us.  Because when we choose to see that, our whole perspective changes.  If we change within ourselves, we have the ability to change the world.