Loving yourself

Self- love is the most powerful experience we can have in our lives.  Have you ever heard of the power of a mustard seed and how it can move mountains?  That mustard seed is the power that lies within us.  Once we recognize its face, we can fulfill any destiny we set out to satisfy.

To allow yourself to love wholly, allows you to return to our true essence of being. “Love is what we are born with and must return to, fear is learned.” Marianne Williamson. Once we remove the false belief system of fear, we see that underlying everything in our lives is love.  When you align with love, you are fully aligned with who you are. 

We get so distracted by outwardly things that we forget our lives and its’ meaning. We allow time and space to pass and we forget to notice what is holding us together.  To love oneself allows you to see your life in the light versus the darkness.  You notice the beauty that can reflect back to you if you choose to see it.  You create a world that is rich and vibrant with soul and fulfillment.

 What if you loved yourself so much that nothing else could affect you?  No amount of fear or resentment, self- loathing or self-hatred would exist.  You love yourself so deeply that you create this strong belief system where nothing outside of you can rattle it.

We are all unique beings with talents far beyond what we can imagine.  To disregard yourself and to not fully step into who you are is doing an injustice to the world.  You have something within you that no one else can match and or recreate. 

How can you offer your love if you don’t feel it inside of you first? The type of love you give yourself you can then reflect to others.  We are humans who crave deep love and intimacy.  How can you give that type of love without first knowing its existence? As within, so without.  Look within for the love you desire first and watch your life unfold exactly as it should.