As humans, we enter earth with free-will. We can subconsciously or consciously choose which direction we want our lives to unfold. Between our life experiences, our surroundings, and our relationships we create a belief system. Within this, we create our magnitudes of feelings. Meaning, based on what we believe as true, we create the level of depth within how we perceive our emotions.

Have you ever asked yourself what success and failure look like to you? What is failure? Failure is our self-made assessment of an expectation. Think about that. What one person's sense of failure is, is another person's success story. Therefore, it's so critical to recognize we are our own individuals. What happens when we take one person's success story and compare it to ours? Do we then let our ego's step in and tell us we should have expressed ourselves differently? My question to you is, who are we trying to be more like? Is it society's creation of what success and failure are? Some magical person telling us we must live our lives a certain way to be significant enough?

I drank that juice, for a while actually. I allowed society to tell me if I didn't have a certain amount of money within my business, I was failing. I allowed thoughts such as how many clients I needed, how many days I worked, and I even compared myself to others in my industry. If these didn't add up, I would push myself even harder. Push myself in any direction I could because moving and grasping at anything I could made me look better. Which made me look busier and busier meant more successful. My self-worth I measured by the work harder and hustle harder mantra. Looking at this now I realize, no wonder it never worked. No wonder I lived an unfulfilled life full of exhaustion. I was chasing after something that didn't exist nor align with me.

Here is what does exist. The language and dialogue you tell yourself from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to bed. What are you telling yourself every single day? Even situations that may seem like "failure" are such a gift and insight into who you are as a being. I am eternally grateful for my "mistakes" for they gave me what I needed to become who I am today. All compiled together they helped me return to the essence of myself. You can either choose to look at everything you do as a failure or look at everything as a success. Either way, the dialogue is still there. Whatever you focus on, you create more of. What are you going to create more of?