What is Surrendering?

One lesson that I have learned that revolutionized my thoughts, which can be very hard to be mindful of, is surrendering.  When I talk about surrendering, I mean to LET. IT. BE. When situations arise that don’t go as planned you have a few options.  One, you react and you either upset yourself or you upset another person.  Two, you suppress the situation and ignore it and allow it to fester within you, which creates a whole other list of issues.  Or three, you surrender to it, feel it, and move on.

When you react to a situation it causes a sense of entitlement.  Because something didn’t go the way that you thought, you get angry, cry, yell, etc.  This is allowing room for the ego to rear its ugly head, and boy does that cause hurt!

When you suppress and let the feelings fester within, you start to feel resentment towards yourself and others.  This again, is the ego stepping in to confuse you and create suffering.  Suffering is a funny thing.  The only reason you suffer is because you choose to do so.  Think about it, something doesn’t go your way (entitlement) you react, or you think about it and it festers, you now suffer from those consequences.  But what if we consciously choose to let it happen, understand the lesson it is teaching you, and have gratitude for it.  Instead of saying “why me,” be grateful for the opportunity that is arising that is giving you exactly what you need to succeed. 

What’s good about the ego stepping in, is it sheds light on areas that need to be transformed.  By pausing before you react, you now have time to transform the situation. Listen, sometimes in life things don’t turn out the way we think they are going to.  People come and go in and out of your life, and sometimes that is painful!  Sometimes you don’t get the house you really wanted, but you then receive a job opportunity to go travel abroad for a year.  Think of these opportunities that could be at your fingertips, but you’re too busy focusing on the anger and resentment of not getting it in the way you thought. The road that gets you to where you want to be, never actually looks the way you imagine it to. You could be missing out on the joys of life!