Being aware of your inner dialogue:

The importance of conscious inner dialogue :

The first and most important way of creating change in your life, is to begin to pay attention to what you tell yourself daily. For many years when I would look in the mirror I told myself how certain parts of my body needed help. My body was never good enough, stomach not flat enough, and the worst, I wasn’t pretty enough. As said before, the feelings and emotions we feel inward will create our external reality and also keep attracting more of the same vibrational thoughts and experiences. This is what I did my entire life up until age 29, when I became aware of how I was treating myself. Would you let anyone else talk to you the way you talk to yourself?

I lived in this constant state of negativity and the root cause of it was the repeating beliefs I kept telling myself. When you want to see something change you must begin to do something different. You cannot create change from the same space or energy as it was created. When you consciously choose to see yourself in a different light, and you constantly work at it, the world opens up. Your life force becomes stronger and your light shines brighter. It’s like returning home after a very long trip. Change the inner dialogue. Choose to see just how perfect you actually are. The difference between your thoughts are the differences in your manifestations. The difference in your outlook of your day being positive and full of lessons vs. looking at everyone and everything negatively, will change your entire life.

When you’re in alignment this is easy. To see all the light and beauty of the world but some days can be tougher than others. To help keep balance, I write myself a love note or inspirational note every single morning when I wake up. I keep a jar of them folded up on my kitchen counter. Any time that I am having an off day, I choose to read through one of them to remind myself just how powerful I am. It helps me shift my focus back to the abundance I am surrounded by. I even write quotes on post-it notes and place them all over my house. This is consciously changing the energy of your space. Before you know it, your mornings lighten up, then afternoons, and you notice day to day how much more love is in your life.