Seeing through the fog:

Even in the darkest moments in our lives, there is abundance.  The ego makes it difficult to see this but it’s there. The goodness, the in between beauty of life. The ego focuses on all that we are losing, playing victim and saying, “why me.”  It makes it so easy to justify what is leaving our lives and the emptiness we feel. I caught my ego yesterday pulling from its dirty bag of tricks and me believing it.  What’s that saying, “when it rains, it pours.”  Yep, I had myself a pity party and I partied all night long. 

Our subconscious thoughts create this fog over our everyday lives.  We begin to only see what it wants to see, what it knows, our past experiences that “didn’t work out.”  Even in our darkest moments, there is light.  (THAT is the light.)  Our egoistic mind perceives it as darkness because those are the thoughts we have given power to, not even realizing it, our entire lives.  This is when we need to begin to choose different thoughts, to end our suffering, to bring more consciousness.  When someone leaves, we play the blame game, or we turn into the victim.  We lose sight of the abundance it provides.  When one door closes, another one does open.  When someone or something ends, it creates space.  Space for your dreams to manifest.  Space for you to consciously create the life you have always envisioned for yourself.  You can mold your reality to fit your consciousness. This is when you really go for it because, why the hell not?  You then begin to see the old habits, the limiting beliefs, your behavior patterns.  You bring more awareness to it and realize that no longer serves you.  You are not your subconscious thoughts. 

When we sit in the stillness, the in between, this is when we are tested.  This is when opportunity arises to use the tools we now have to help shape our lives.  We honor our boundaries and respect ourselves.  We use this chapter to write our next chapter.  Because without writing this step, how would we even begin to start with the next one?  We stop feeling through the fog with one eye open, stumbling.  We turn the light on, we have more awareness. We take the power back and realize the fog isn’t tangible.  It is simply something we have created not knowing the limits we put on ourselves. We keep walking, get through it, and realize it never needed to be there in the first place.