Darkness and the light:

Darkness and light:

To see darkness is the biggest triumph you can experience.    As humans we naturally run away from pain.  We run from the darkness feeling defeated, ashamed, and terrified.  We look at it as a weakness that has now formed, and we create a story.  I did this for years.  The story I would tell myself has lived with me for decades.  I kept breathing life into it and yet I never once would look at it.  Instead I allowed it to shadow me, follow me, and sit with me.  It was always in the background and I could feel it, yet I would wear a mask over it.  We create so many masks to justify what we have been through that we cover layer upon layer over our true selves. So many layers that the person in front of us is so far removed from who we actually are, you can’t recognize them.

What’s important to understand about darkness is that light is always on the other side.  Even when you are in the depths of what feels like the empty abyss, light will always shine through.  And it’s your job to grab it and use it to climb back out.  Where there is darkness it shows us the light.  It shows us parts of us that need attention.  If not faced head on, it will tumble and build momentum and manifest in other areas of your life.  Everything is interconnected.  Regardless of the outcome of this darkness, it is always working out in your favor.  The ebb and flow of life keeps you evolving as a being.  If you feel knocked down realize that it is the universe giving you exactly what you need in divine timing.  What “knocks you down” creates your biggest strengths… if you allow it to. 

When you take note of the strengths within the darkness, you can now use this tool and change your life.  What it shows you and teaches you allows you to transform your life into something aligned with YOU.  You heal parts of yourself that have created limitations in your life. You see the world differently, career, relationships, etc. Without the lessons of this darkness, you would never know the greatness that’s covered up in front of your eyes. It’s like taking off the rose -colored glasses and seeing your life for the first time.  It’s such a gift to know that regardless of your circumstances, no matter how dark it feels right now, to believe and know that no matter what it is, it’s happening for your higher good.  It’s a gift being given to help shape and mold you into a version of yourself that has always been there, it has just been layered and covered over.