Choosing Love Vs. Fear

Love Vs.Fear:

What happens when we are tested throughout our lives?  Are we living in a world where we have lost the compassion and love for each other?  Have our ego’s completely taken over the mass amounts of people and turned them into creatures on autopilot?  Have we as a humanity completely lost touch with our inner selves and the universe is just responding to how we feel on the inside?

Have you ever second guess who you are because of the reaction of someone else?  You allow your ego to take hold and you feel insignificant or unworthy.  You second guess what you’re doing, and you lose sight of what is right in front of you.  You dig deep to find yourself and your conscious thoughts to combat the ego and its little bag of tricks.  What if we met every challenge in our lives with love instead of fear?  Fear of inadequacy, rejection, or thoughts of failure?  If we fully believed that no matter what we could not fail.  That we are enough.  That this challenge that’s laid out in front of us is just the missing piece of the puzzle to get us to our next evolved state of being? Our reaction to the challenge is what will decipher where our next step leads.

How different would our world be? How different would your world be?  We are met with challenges every day to test us.  Are we listening?  Are we paying attention to the cycles of the ego that we just can’t seem to break?  The cycles that keep repeating that bring different relationships but similar situations on a larger scale? Different people but the challenges are similar because we can’t see what is right in front of us.  Why do we feel inadequate?  Why do we feel small and mediocre?  This is just labeling we put on ourselves that keeps attracting situations that prove your own point, of being mediocre.  “Yep I always knew I wasn’t good enough.” 

Let’s pause and take a moment to see what is in front of us.  Pause and allow yourself TIME and SPACE to figure out why you feel these feelings.  If we could fully understand the power that is within us that is limitless… how would you use it?  What risk would you take today if you understood and believed the power you have? Or that no matter what the outcome, it would never be failure?  Belief in oneself through the eyes of love will always out weight the fear based mentality. Use THAT power to co-create your life.