… Excerpt from Transforming your Darkness: Re-discovery of self love

…….See, I created my sense of self based off emptiness, survival, and misconception.  And I lived there for a long time with blinders on, not realizing I can transform this darkness and create light.   At first, I filled it up with things I thought would make me forget or make it go away.  Drugs, alcohol, physical influences that I was never ready for, nor mature enough to understand. Time and time again, I found myself in situations that I never wanted to be in.  Yet, I never found my voice to say no.  I never found the strength to step out and BE who I wanted to be.  I never paid attention to the internal power inside of myself. I was so far disconnected from my true being that I lost all sense of truth.  This is what I want to stress to all of you out there.  We come from the infinite source; we are pure love.  When we put mask upon mask on to cover ourselves, we lose our sense of self.  We become so far disconnected from our true selves that we float through our lives not remembering the power we have or even looking at who we are.  Love is who we are, and we should never expect anything less than, nor give anything less than.

 When you begin to understand and take ownership back of your self-worth, boundaries naturally flow.  The importance of what and who you allow into your energetic circle should be filled with the utmost love and respect.  Who you are surrounded by directly mirrors who you are.  And when you feel the balance of alignment this is you being connected to your deeper source, your inner being of who you are. Which is divine consciousness.  When you touch that, your entire life flows through you, you feel the greatness of life.  Which makes picking and choosing how and who you spend your time with more important.