The power within us: Self- love

Sometimes the healing journey can be a tough one.  We are influenced by the outside world the minute we wake up.  We see these perfect Instagram posts, the next “fad diet” and the “skinny” results.   We even think we see others as having more success than us.  The minute we wake up we are already judging ourselves for what others have and we don’t.

It’s so easy to forget self- love and to not look within at our strengths.  To forget the utter and astonishing power that resides within us.  We tone it down to hide or not stand out because we don’t want to be different for fear of rejection. We subconsciously embody the things we see in lack, things we think we don’t have, which keeps more of that in our lives.  What if we began every single day with highlighting our qualities, and not just ones we get outside validation from?  Digging deep and being proud as hell for being exactly who we are and everything that that includes. Showing compassion for ourselves and where we are currently in our lives. What if we shifted our focus and absorbed the abundance within ourselves without comparing to others?  Accept every single part of you. We don’t have all the answers, we don’t have to be healed completely to live a full life. You are not incomplete because someone violated your boundaries or hurt you emotionally. Stop judging yourself for past mistakes, or past hurt. We are human. We yell and react, we make errors and misjudgments, but that doesn’t make us any less than anyone else.   All our experiences have shed light on the incredible strength and power we have to rise back up.  Our strengths are our weaknesses and our weakness are our strengths, it’s all balance, we are all one.  Experiencing love is a gift we can have every single day.  Choose to see it within yourself first and you will naturally begin see it in others.