Self- love:

Self- love is the epitome of unconditional love. It’s the lesson we experience the most every day, which means an abundance in growth, if we choose so. Think about our daily lives.  We are tested every single day, every minute of the day.  Between interacting with people at work, to social media, there is so much outward influence that bends and morphs how we view ourselves.  Cause and effect is the time between a situation that arises, and your reaction to it.  How you react will alter the path you’re on and how your life unfolds.  When you become conscious of your reactivity, you can change your reality.

How do you view yourself? When we make assumptions of who we are, we sink back into old thinking habits.  Think of where you pull that information from, your past. It’s just an old bag of thoughts that we hang onto that we use to identify ourselves. We use our past mistakes, traumas, and failures to unconsciously shape who we think we are.  We then seek outward validation to fill the void we think we are missing, not even realizing that what we seek is already within us.  Choose to see the abundance in your life every day versus what you think of that you are in lack of. When you are conscious of these thoughts and actions, you have the opportunity to transform them. You choose a new action or a new thought, you then have the power to be whoever you want to be.  Honor yourself, love yourself, respect yourself and be kind to yourself.  There is time to fulfill who you are and who you want to continue to evolve into. Every day is a fresh start.